Our love for Samoyeds started in 2004, when we saw samoyed at our neighbors. Immediately after that we were in search for a puppy. Did not pass even a month and we had a home for almost 6 months old male Cyprián od Chvojnice.
But one unfortunate day. Cyprián suddenly abandoned us. It was a big shock for us, we are not looking at an empty house.

Over the years we were added to many Samoyeds. We met a lot of bad things, but it was not important. Because they give us a lot of love every day. Each of them is unique and special for us. 
Our kennel BLARTHON was founded in 2016.
Our goal is to breed healthy and beautiful Samoyed, who will be especially a beloved family members because they are the ones... who brings a smile to our lives every day!